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Common digestive problems to look for in your cat

Know the issues and symptoms to keep an eye out for.

Is it a hairball, or something more serious? Knowing the potential digestive issues that can affect your cat is important for any cat owner, so we’re here to help you identify one from the other.

Check out our short list of common symptoms to keep a look out for:


If your cat has a furry coat, you might find they swallow a lot of that lovely hair. Normally, this would simply get passed out through digestion, but in many cases, it gets regurgitated as a matted lump. Indoor cats experience this due to more self-grooming. You can help manage hairballs by removing excess hair through brushing, and giving them a food which has the right amount of dietary fibre, to help them pass any swallowed hair through their system.


Cats can suffer from two forms of diarrhoea: one of the large intestine and another of small intestine. In the large intestine version, their stool comes more frequently than normal, but may also come with blood. In the small intestine version, they may produce green or orange colored stool. In either case, it’s best to consult your vet to correctly identify the core problem.


Constipation is another frequent complaint cat owners should be able to discern. This is usually the result of dehydration or stress, and can be treated with a little extra exercise or upgrading the food your cat is on. If it’s a recurring issue, it’s best to consult a vet- chronic constipation can mask many other ailments.

Most digestive issues are treatable

Happily, many common causes of digestive problems in cats are preventable. Keep your pet up to date with vet checkups and feed them balanced, high-quality cat food.

Digestive issues are wide-ranging in cats, but can be kept at bay with nutritious food, frequent hydration and regular grooming.

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