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We understand that excellence in animal health begins with excellence in nutrition. That’s why our feeds contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your animals need for optimal health.

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The Twenty20 Beef Club is a fully integrated calf to beef programme between Tirlán, Kepak Group and their respective farmer suppliers.

You can find out more information about the Twenty20 Beef Club by reading our brochure here.

You can download the Twenty20 Beef Club Expression of Interest form here

The GAIN Dairy Heifer Rearing Programme is a programme that has been created using the best technical guidance from our team of technical specialists in Tirlán. It set out the stages of development from new-born calf to calving down and entering the milking herd, focusing on three main headings; Animal Health, Animal Nutrition and Animal Husbandry. You can view the GAIN Dairy Heifer Rearing Programmer here.

The GAIN Momentum Programme has been developed to add tangible value, increase efficiency, environmental performance and profitability on farm. This is a results driven integrated programme comprised of four main categories; Great Grass, Herd Nutrition, Herd Health and Milk Solids. You can browse the GAIN Momentum Programme here.

GAIN BufferFat is a specialised dairy feed delivering an innovative combination of nutrition technologies to help support milk fat % on spring grass as part of an overall farm management programme. You can find out more about GAIN Bufferfat here.

GAIN Spring Starter is a premium early-lactation feed for cows before and after spring turnout. You can find out more about GAIN Spring Starter here.

GAIN Spring Breeder is a specialised fertility feed for grazing cows before and during the breeding season. You can find out more about GAIN Spring Breeder here.

Mineral supplementation is extremely important during the dry cow period. You can browse our Superchoice Minerals brochure to help you select the best mineral supplementation for your herd here.

If you show cattle, the GAIN Champions Choice feed range represents innovation and major technological advancements in ruminant livestock nutrition to have your cattle looking at their best. You can find out more about the range here.

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