The Road to Paris 2024

The Road to Paris 2024: GAIN Equine Nutrition’s Star Riders Ready to Shine

The countdown to the Paris 2024 Olympics is well underway, and excitement is building as the world’s top equestrians prepare to showcase their talents on the global stage. Among the elite competitors are the Irish and Great Britain Equestrian teams, both brimming with exceptional riders. GAIN Equine Nutrition is proud to sponsor some of the finest athletes in these teams, including Cian O’Connor, Sarah Ennis and Yasmin Ingham. Let’s take a closer look at these remarkable riders and their journey to the Olympics.

Cian O’Connor: Ireland’s Show Jumping Maestro

Cian O’Connor is no stranger to the Olympic spotlight. A veteran show jumper, Cian’s career is studded with accolades, including an individual bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics. Known for his precise riding style and unyielding determination, Cian has been a consistent force in international show jumping. Cian’s dedication and experience make him a strong contender for a podium finish in Paris.

Sarah Ennis: Ireland’s Eventing Star

Sarah Ennis is a leading figure in the world of eventing, a discipline that demands versatility and endurance from both horse and rider. Sarah’s impressive track record includes a team silver medal at the 2018 World Equestrian Games and numerous top finishes at international events. Sarah’s journey to the Olympics is fuelled by her relentless work ethic and her deep bond with her horses. With her sights set on Paris, Sarah is poised to deliver a stellar performance.

Yasmin Ingham: Great Britain’s Rising Star

Representing Great Britain, Yasmin Ingham is a young rider with a bright future. Yasmin has quickly risen through the ranks of eventing, earning accolades at prestigious events such as the European Championships and Burghley Horse Trials. As she prepares for her Olympic debut in Paris, Yasmin’s dedication and passion for the sport promise to make her a standout performer.

GAIN Equine Nutrition: Supporting Excellence

As the Irish and GB Equestrian teams head to Paris 2024, GAIN Equine Nutrition is proud to stand behind Cian O’Connor, Sarah Ennis and Yasmin Ingham. We wish them the very best as they strive for Olympic glory and look forward to celebrating their achievements on this world stage.

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