GAIN Elite Grain-Free Launch

New GAIN Elite Grain-Free Dog Food Launch

GAIN Pet Nutrition is excited to launch GAIN Elite Grain-Free to customers seeking a high-quality, high-value grain-free dog food.

The GAIN Elite Grain-Free range is available in two flavours, containing fresh Chicken and fresh Salmon, and is expertly formulated using natural ingredients in two different products specifically tailored to your size of the dog. Research has revealed that big and small dogs have different nutritional requirements, which is why at GAIN we have tailor-made our food specifically to the needs of your pet dog.

Why chose GAIN Elite Grain-Free?

ENHANCED PALATABILITY: Contains fresh chicken/salmon plus a scientific balance of high-quality ingredients.
STRONG BONES & TEETH: Our unique TruCal® ingredient provides a source of real Calcium from milk combined with Vitamin D and Phosphorous.
VITALITY & NATURAL IMMUNITY: Contains a unique blend of all the essential Vitamins, protected* Minerals, and Antioxidants. *(Chelated Minerals for increased absorption)
GOOD DIGESTION: Contains soluble fibers plus Prebiotic FOS that support the growth of beneficial bacteria and flora in your dog’s colon and may help alleviate symptoms related to gastrointestinal (GI) upset.
EXTRA PROTEIN & ENERGY: Contains high levels of top-quality fresh Protein and Fat, required by big dogs.
SKIN, COAT, BRAIN & VISION: Scientifically balanced with the optimum Omega-3* to Omega-6 ratio.*(extra Omega-3 fatty acids added)
GOOD JOINT MOBILITY: Precise blend of Glucosamine, MSM, and Omega oils, to help with joint care and mobility in larger dogs.

The new range comes in 100% recyclable, resealable packaging, making it easier for pet owners to look after the environment and keep their pets’ food fresher for longer.

Robert O’Sullivan, Sales Manager, GAIN Pet Nutrition said ‘At GAIN we care about your pets, and that is why we continue to develop our food sourcing only quality ingredients from our trusted suppliers. Through our years of expertise in both human and pet food, we transform these ingredients into the very best quality nutrition for your dog. The GAIN Elite Grain Free recipe is expertly formulated without grain and naturally provides everything a thriving dog needs – in one complete, sensitive, and hypoallergenic dog food’.

GAIN Elite Grain Free

For many dog owners, the health and wellbeing of their pet is just as important to them as their own, according to Joris Somers, Tirlán’s dedicated in-house vet. ‘Only the best will do for every member of many families, and that includes their pet. That is why the new GAIN Elite Grain-Free dog food range incorporates fresh protein and targets key health benefits for your dog. It’s made using natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives, all tailored to the pet’s evolving needs’.

View and shop our new GAIN Elite Grain Free range here

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