Puppy Tips & Tricks For Your The Garden

Gardens can be beautiful playgrounds for pets, but can also be hazardous too. We have had a look at some tips to help keep your dog or cat happy and safe in the garden while you get to enjoy the sunshine and your garden too.

Garden Boundaries – Always keep the gate locked to keep your pet from running out on to the road. Keep your dog safe and secure with good fencing. Regularly check for any gaps in fencing or any little holes that may have been dug but your four-legged friends.

Create some shade – While the weather is never predictable in Ireland, it is important to provide some form of shade for your pet on those unpredictable hotter days.

Ensure your dog feels safe by providing a little spot of his or her own, or a kennel that they can go for both shade and relaxation time.

Make it interesting – Dogs enjoy sensory play just as much as kid’s do. Create some steps and small benches to generate different heights for them to play on. Different textures would also provide some sensory stimulation; between grass, patio slabs or concreate, wood chippings or gravel would all provide interesting textures for your dog to feel and play around to make the surroundings more interesting.

Plant smart – While we all love the different colours, smells and textures of different flowers and plants, you need to be mindful what you choose to display in your garden when you have a dog roaming around the place. Some plants can be poisonous to our pets, so always do your research on what may be harmful before you start planting. 

Some very common and harmful plants are bluebells, buttercups, crocus, horse chestnut, ivy, kale, laurel, lily, lupin, maple, mistletoe, onion, spruce tree and walnut. For a more extensive list, visit CDPA website.

Some plants that are safe for dogs and cats are roses, orchids and sunflowers.

Be safe – Some extremely small guests may appear in your garden from time to time such as slugs, snails, ticks etc. keep any poisons/repellents away from where your dog plays and out of its reach. Also, ensure that your dog’s vaccinations and worm doses are up to date. Contact your local vet for more information on this.

Enjoy – Above all, have fun with your garden and with your pet. Exercise them, train and play with them, use different toys to stimulate them and allow yourself to relax, unwind and enjoy.

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