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Your Puppy’s Journey

Starting your puppies journey

The first few months of your puppy’s journey is like getting a new member of the family. The dog will have needs such as walks, play, affection and training. Owning a dog is not the only commitment that you have, so you will need to work the dog’s schedule around that of your own.

At ten weeks old, you should take your new puppy to the vet, where they will check the overall health of the puppy and you will be advised on the right timings for vaccinations and worming doses.

The first few months is the time where boundaries are set and training should begin. A variety of experiences early on will build to a respectful and agreeable adult dog later in their life. As the owner, you must ensure the puppy is aware of their surroundings and allow them contact with children, other dogs and other animals early in their lives.

Feeding your puppy

A feeding pattern should be identified early and any special requirements for nutrition should be met. Our GAIN Elite range offers an advance nutrition specifically for big breed puppies and small breed puppies.

  • Puberty: This is a short phase and will last between one and size weeks. Puberty starts roughly at size months and can often lead to your dog behaving badly and not wanting to learn new things. During puberty, you should be persistent with the education program and continue with training.
  • The adult dog: You will know when your dog has finished puberty when a male lifts his leg to urinate or when a female goes into heat for the first time. This generally occurs within seven months up to a year.
  • The senior dog:  Dogs tend to show signs of ageing between the ages of eight and ten, they will become less active and have a slower metabolism, Many older dogs show signs of weight gain, become grey and experience a deterioration of sight and hearing.

Each stage of a dog’s life cycle requires a different feeding regime. The typical feeding guidelines are generally displayed on the back of the pack/bag of dog food.

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