GAIN Easi-Mix Calf Milk Replacer 20kg

GAIN Easi-Mix calf milk replacer is a 25% protein premium milk replacer for home-reared replacement dairy heifers and general use. It can be introduced abruptly from 7 days of age. Can be fed once-a-day from 21 days of age, mixed at 20% solids (200g per Litre). Suitable for bucket, teat, cold ad-lib, automatic and computerised feeding systems. Contains Biomos which stimulates the calfs immune system therefore increasing the calfs immunoglobulin level. GAIN Easi-Mix calf milk replacer also contains butyrate for that added extra performance. Ideally, do not mix with whole milk.

Product features

  • Promotes trouble-free performance with young calves.
  • Biomos prebiotic improves disease resistance and performance.
  • Gardion garlic oil aids immunity and performance.
  • Digest VO helps against coccidiosis and cryptosporidium.
  • Can be introduced abruptly from 7 days of age.

Advantages of Feeding Milk Replacer:

  • Biosecurity: Reduced risk of transmission of infection, e.g. Johne’s disease, when compared to unpasteurised milk.
  • Consistency of Composition: When compared to transition milk mixed from cows in different stages after calving and contributing to nutritional upsets.
  • Labour Saving: On dairy farms with compact calving and especially if feeding can be automated.
  • Lower Cost: If compared to saleable milk, and depending on the milk price.


When Mixing Calf Milk Replacer, accurately weighing and mixing of Calf Milk Replacers is strongly advised as nutrient absorption is driven by the relativity of osmotic balance at either side of the gut wall. Temperature is important for solubility and also to stimulate the sucking reflex in young calves. Always follow instructions carefully. Introduce abruptly rather than mixing with cow’s milk. Long clean roughage and clean water should be available at all times. Introduce GAIN Startacalf from 7 days of age and GAIN Calf Crunch or GoldGrain Calf Nuts can be fed when they are eating at least 250 grams/head/day. Weaning can take place when calves are consistently eating >1Kg/hd/day or 1.5Kgs if group fed. As a general rule calves should be twice their birth weight at weaning.

GAIN Easi-Mix Calf Milk Replacer an be fed once-a-day from 21 days of age, mixed at 20% solids (200g makes 1L), 200g of powder plus 0.8litres of water makes 1litre of mixed calf milk replacer.

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