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GAIN Pre Calver Gold

GAIN Pre Calver Gold 25kg

A unique pre-calver mineral designed for both the cow and the unborn calf.

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Product Features

  • Stimulates the immune response of the cow
  • Supports iummunity development of the unborn calf
  • Reduces the chances of retained placenta
  • Helps prevent Milk Fever after calving
  • Results in good quality colostrum and calf thrive

Highly palatable premium powder mineral formulated for use with precalving dairy and suckler cows in the critical 6-8 week precalving period. GAIN pre calver mineral contains a high Magnesium content 26% or 31g/d at recommended 120g feeding rate. Magnesium is critical in preventing Milk Fever, especially in silages containing high levels of potassium. Optimum levels of Vitamins A,D, and E to ensure superior immune function, colostrum quality and to help prevent retained placentas. Vitamin D plays a key role in the release of Calcium stores in bone, helping to prevent Milk Fever after calving.

Contains high quality organic trace elements, which are better absorbed than inorganic trace elements, and less readily excreted at times of stress. High levels of Iodine and Selenium that are important for immune function and the prevention of retained placenta. High levels of Copper and Zinc that support immune function, hoof health and colostrum quality. High levels of Manganese and Cobalt for rumen function and prevention of birth defects in calves. Generous levels of Bioplex Copper, Bioplex Zinc, Bioplex Manganese and Selplex.

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