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Spring Starter 16 Nut Bulk

GAIN Spring Starter 16 Nut is a premium early lactation feed for cows. GAIN Spring Starter 16 Nut (4.0kg) will enhance dairy cow productivity in early lactation, helping to boost the output of milk solids. The Cal. Mag. is included at a 4.0kg feed rate, thereby allowing greater flexibility in relation to feeding levels. GAIN Spring Starter 16 Nut can be fed indoors and also at grass.

Product features

  • 16% Protein suitable for cows on grass silage or pasture.
  • Balanced energy profile (digestible fibre/quick starch/by-pass starch) suits transition during spring.
    • Digestible fibre supports milk yield by reducing rumen acid load.
    • Native cereals provide readily available “quick” starch to fuel rumen fermentation.
    • Maize rumen by-pass starch fuels milk protein production, without creating excess rumen acid.
  • AGOLIN rumen modifier improves feed utilisation by improving energy and protein utilisation in the rumen.
    • AGOLIN helps reduce feed energy loss.
    • AGOLIN helps reduce rumen ammonia and milk urea nitrogen, and improves manure consistency.
    • AGOLIN helps increase milk yield.
  • GAIN Spring Starter 16 Nut has Bioplex protected organic minerals included.
  • Bioplex protected copper, manganese and zinc, to help fertility.
  • Selplex protected selenium, to help cow immunity.
  • Research has shown the benefits for Bioplex protected organic minerals
  • Bioplex protected minerals improve mineral availability, body storage and usage and have a benefit of €50 per cow per year.
  • Bioplex protected minerals improve availability on rapid-throughput grass based diets and grass silage based diets.
  • Bioplex protected copper and manganese guarantees availability to help support fertility.
  • Bioplex protected minerals help support hoof and udder health.
  • Bioplex protected minerals decrease lameness by 24% and help improve locomotive score.
  • Bioplex protected minerals help to reduce somatic cell count by 22%.
  • Selplex protected selenium helps improve cell counts (SCC), mastitis and fertility.
  • Bioplex protected organic minerals reduce the interval from calving to ovulation by 4.9 days.
  • Bioplex protected organic minerals reduce the interval from calving to first service by 6.6 days.
  • Bioplex protected organic minerals increase conception rate by 7.5%.
  • Full mineral allowance (Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Sodium) in 4kg daily feed rate.
  • Full trace element allowance (Copper, Selenium, Iodine, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt) in 4kg daily feed rate.
  • Calcined Magnesite at 60g/4kg provides 30g Magnesium in 4kg feed rate to help prevent grass tetany.

GAIN Spring Starter 16 Nut is a transition feed, suitable for both indoors and outdoors supplementation.

GAIN Spring Starter 16 Nut will help to improve cow body condition and mineral status.

GAIN Spring Starter 16 Nut has a low substitution effect, thereby encouraging the cow to maximise the intake of the available forage.

GAIN Spring Starter 16 Nut (4.0 kg) Bulk, for optimum lactation performance.

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