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Wholenut Lamb

Wholenut Lamb 25kg

GAIN Wholenut Lamb is a unique 18% protein wholegrain all-in-one creep/finisher nut for young lambs. It has a mineral level designed to reduce the risk of kidney stones and copper toxicity and added Agolin plant extract to improve feed utilisation and performance by modifying rumen fermentation. This feed is suitable as a lamp creep and high-concentrate systems feed for finish lamb. It is excellent for breeding rams but should not be fed to breeding ewes. GAIN Sheep Feeds are formulated to meet sheep requirements for Net Energy and all the nutrients required for high performance. A unique mineral, vitamin and trace element pack is included, ensuring optimum performance.

Product features

  • Wholegrain cereal provides an excellent safe high net energy supply.
  • Agolin plant extract additive improves feed utilisation and performance.
  • Suitable as a lamb creep and high-concentrate system feed for finishing lambs.
  • Mineral levels designed to reduce the risk of kidney stones and copper toxicity.
  • Excellent for breeding rams, do not feed to breeding ewes.

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